What is KoolAR?
Kool AR is a 2 part early learning program developed by Koolriculum. It is our brand new learning tool for early learners to learn phonics and counting fundamentals.  Our system is made up of the free app and learning books that come to life when paired with a smart phone or tablet.

What is Koolriculum?
KOOLriculum is over 600 hip-hop music videos covering topics in English, mathematics, social studies and science for Pre-K through 12th grade students.

What is the KoolAR Book?
The Kool AR Learning Book is the cool book that comes to life when paired with the app!!!!

What is included in an membership?
KOOL AR is not a membership but Koolriculum is 14.99 a month to access over 600 songs and videos Tha align with the common core standards.

KOOLAR is a free APP, we only charge for the learning books

How do I make KoolAR come to life?

  1. Purchase KOOL AR Learning book.
  2. Download the Kool AR APP
  3. Open App
  4. Point your smart phone or tablet at the book

Do you offer a free trial?
Kool AR is FREE!!!!!

How many children can I have per account?
Download the app as many times as you want

Can my child use KoolAR independently, or should I help him/her?
Most children under 3 will need a little assistance, we recommend using it together with your child and guiding them thru the pages.  Children 3 and up show significant improvement in independent use of Kool AR



What does KoolAR teach?
KoolAR covers Phonics and Counting Basics

-Reading (the alphabet, phonics, sight words, comprehension) 

-Math (numbers and operations, counting, shapes, measurement, patterns)

Can this program replace my child’s current schooling?
No, Kool AR and Koolriculum products are meant to be learning tools and curriculum supplements.  We recommend using our products together with your Childs schooling.

What will I find on KoolAR?
Kool Ar offers Phonics and Counting videos but we are always developing new content

Is Kool AR good for Non English Speaking children?
Absolutely!!!  Kool AR is a great learning tool for students off all ages that are new to English. 



Is KoolAR subscription-based?
No, the only charge is for the learning books

What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and quad pay

Do you have finance or multiple payment options?
Yes we do, we offer a quad pay option that allows customers to make the fist payment and be billed in increments

Am I able to purchase and use KoolAR if I live outside of the U.S.?
Yes, we love our international customers!!!!

How often will I be billed?



What are the system requirements to use KoolAR?
-Any KoolAR product

-KoolAR App

-IOS or Android Smart Phone or Tablet(must have camera)


Is KoolAR available on my mobile device?
Yes, Kool Ar is available on the Android marketplace and IOS free of charge detailsid=com.Koolriculum.KoolAR&hl=en


Do I need a device with a camera?
Yes, the technology works with the camera on the device.